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Yes, I Can feels deeply that safe canning is successful canning and emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning the art.  Yes, I Can makes a conscious effort to focus on the safe practices of home canning including proper preparation and handling, appropriate temperatures as well as suitable storage.  Additionally, various canning techniques are addressed during specific workshops.  Each technique features its own unique set of obstacles that are easily conquered with proper instruction.  These techniques include, but aren't limited to, boiling-water bath and pressure canning, low- and no- refined sugar jams/jellies, powder vs. liquid pectin use, traditional long-boiling, gel stage testing and raw and hot-pack methods.



*Please note: It is recommended that a home canner complete several workshops, encompasing various techniques, in order to become a well-rounded and confident canner.



Workshops are offered frequently during the growing season.  A featured recipe, all of the necessary ingredients and supplies, as well as take-home reference materials are provided during each workshop.  The canner will leave with a sampling of the featured recipe, but more importantly, will have gained the knowledge and confidence to successfully can on their own.


Registration:  Deadlines do apply.  Please inquire for additional details and information. 

Fee:  Please inquire.

Times:  Additional times, group and off-site workshops are available.  Please inquire.



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